TimeLine Chronicles

As shown in the graphic above TimeLine Chronicles is about giving you a history lesson in how we got here, where we might be headed, and showing you the connections between early inventions and the tools we use today. My infatuation with timeline connections began with the PBS Series entitled Connections in 1978. It was created and hosted by James Burke in the United Kingdom. It only lasted three seasons but it fundamentally changed how I see things in history. As noted on Wikipedia, the show took an interdisciplinary approach to the history of science and invention, and demonstrated how various discoveries, scientific achievements, and historical world events were built from one another successively in an interconnected way.

In Timeline Chronicles I will most often take one discrete topic and cover its connections from beginning to the present. This will likely include areas like writing, wheels, the Roman Empire, and just about any other topic. Sometimes a particular topic will require several posts and sometimes only one. I will always give you a visual graphic to help your understanding.

In order to understand how we got to where we are we need to understand the connections from our past tools and techniques to our modern day versions. That also helps us realize that future changes are just a natural migration to the next improvement.

I welcome any ideas you might have about this new topic here at MVOTW, and especially how I might make this category more interesting to you the reader. I want you to see what I present here as worth their time to read it and maybe make you a little more informed about the world around you.