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My On-The-Road Reports which are basically daily journal entries made in hotel rooms in the old days and now in my uRV (micro-RV) as I travel America.  The reports and associated pictures are inspired by the book “Travels with Charley – In search of America“. If you don’t know about that I suggest you click on the Home/About button above for the full story.

I hope you find them entertaining and maybe even an enticement to visit the place yourself. Many of the reports are from trips I have taken maybe decades ago and some were just recorded this year.  There are always a few pictures included in the reports and many other photos can be found in the Master Collections.

I am going to present these reports both past and future in a unique way.  The story will be done at my other blog at RJsCorner while the picture galleries associated with them will be found here.  I hope that the interplay between my two sites encourages more views.

If you find them interesting please let me know. I need a good back slapping now and then. 🙂