MyViewOfTheWorld is about having a place separate from my personal blog at RJsCorner where I can let my creative spirits shine. It is a place where I can escape all the worries and tensions of the world around me and concentrate on some of the things I love the best. It is a place where I can let my creativity run wild.

This blog has a unique format, and I hope you come to appreciate how it flows.

MyViewOfTheWorld contains four basic areas:

  1. Abstract Realism – where I take the best of my 20,000 plus photos and morph them to one degree or another into something more abstract in nature.
  2. Storytelling – I love dreaming up stories about almost anything. I don’t have the patience to do a full-length novel but narrative essays of usually less than 2500 words works for me. The stories I tell here will cover almost everything and will usually come out on a once-a-week basis.
  3. InSearchOfAmerica– These are the pictures and stories about my 30+ years of travel through all fifty States.
  4. Timeline Chronicles – This is a future project where I give you a snapshot of the history. It is a place where I will show you connections between the past and the present. It will be about how we got here and where we might be going. I hope to bring it up sometime in mid-2020

(click on any of the four titles above to learn more about it)

If you are only interesting in one of the four areas just click on that topic just below the title and you can skip the rest. I hope you stick around and provide some feedback about what you like. A little “back patting” is a good thing for all of us.

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