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Category: Just Stories

Seeking Bliss

I know the old saying that “Ignorance is Bliss” but I would kinda like finding bliss without going that far. We are in some pretty serious times but, let’s face […]

Robots And Henry Ford

It is pretty well known that Henry Ford established the middle class here in America, or at least the easiest path to the middle class. His production line allowed someone […]

A Story About Bent’s Old Fort

I must admit that I am a U.S. history nut. In my life I have read several hundred books on the subject. Being non-violent at my core this list does […]

Mesa Verde

My first visit there seemed almost spiritual.I could almost see my ancestors living their daily lives.How they got there no one really knows.Why they left is pretty much the same. […]

A Hidden Gem

I was pleasantly surprised to come across a hidden gem during one of my uRV trips last summer. I have been through Dayton Ohio several times before but never really […]

The Sunrise Fisherman

One of my favorite vacations was a month-long visit to our northern neighbors. The people throughout Canada just seem so friendly and interesting. The itinerary for the trip was  Ottawa, […]