The Father of Modern Democracy

We in the U.S. seem to think that our history has been going on forever. But the mere 240 years is just a blip on the radar screen of the […]

Monticello Countryside Serenity

This is one of my favorite pictures from my visit to the home of our founders. It was taken just before we went to Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello.

Give Em Hell!

I have taken hundreds of pictures of the settling of America. This is one of my favorites. It was taken at a presidential library in Missouri. Care to guess whose […]

Balancing Act

I found this critter on the streets of Rapid City South Dakota. I love the artsy nature of this full-sized bronze. There were several others around that I will eventually […]

Outside The Box…

I love outside the box buildings. They spark my creative imagination. I love things that stretch your imagination, stretch your brain. For this post, I want to show you an “outside […]

A Quick Saturday Post

Just wanted to put out a quicky Saturday post of a picture in my library. I have no idea where it came from but it certainly draws me in.

Paradise Island

I took this picture while on a month-long trek “West”. It was one of my first views of the Pacific Ocean in northern California. It was kinda like looking at […]

Auto School – 1920 Style

I am always on the lookout for group photos from the past. Looking at the individual faces helps me to remember that history is about people as well as events.  […]

Seeking Bliss

I know the old saying that “Ignorance is Bliss” but I would kinda like finding bliss without going that far. We are in some pretty serious times but, let’s face […]

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is like no other place on earth. It was once an in-land sea eons ago. We came into it from the west and that […]

Tearing Out My Heart For You…

I didn’t have to put this picture through any app to make it abstract as it is already in that mode. This full-size Lego statue was found in a Peoria […]

Ode to The Hardware Store

I am old enough to remember hardware stores like this one. They were a big part of my growing up as I found myself fascinated by all the things and […]

Out Of This World

Anyone care to guess what this is a picture of? I won’t make you wait because it would then be a very short post. 😅 It is the maneuvering vents […]

History of Mustard?

I am very aware that people collect just about everything in the world. Being as how the USA is driven by consumer spending it’s not surprising that we have some […]