About Me


I grew up in poverty so it wasn’t until I graduated from college in 1970 that I picked up my first real camera. I had found a job as an engineer that paid a whopping $10,000 per year so I finally had some extra money to spend.  Even though the film, and particularly the processing were expensive I was a prolific photographer from the get-go. Since prints were more expensive most of my early works were in the slide format.

1956 Crew
1955 Celebration (That’s me the 2nd one from the right)

I regret that I don’t have many photos of my youth. The few that I do have certainly added some joy to my life. In the one here I am the second from the right. It was around 1954 that this picture was taken during a birthday celebration of my big brother.

I was an extremely shy kid or so I was told. It was not until many years later that I discovered that many of my unusual traits corresponded with Asperger’s syndrome.

Because of my “shyness” and total inexperience with girls, I was single until six months before my 40th birthday. Why my wife was attracted to me I still have no idea but now that we are at 32 years together there must be something there. 🙂

I became interested in history, particularly American history from a public high school farmer/teacher’s class in 1961.  Photography and history would eventually merge into almost one entity later in life.  This combined enthusiasm exponentially grew at the beginning of the new millennium when I retired from the corporate world.

I have traveled with camera in hand and history in mind to all fifty states. I photograph the things I see that are unique and worth remembering.

Like all of us, I am a person who is composed of all the experiences of my life and photography, particularly with history in mind, is a big part of that experience.

About This Site


MyViewOfTheWorld is about sharing the pictures that I have taken over the past 5 decades. I have traveled to all 50 States with camera in hand and history in mind.  This site is about getting you interested in where we as a country have been and where we might be heading. It is about celebrating America but also recognizing that nothing is ever perfect. If we learn from our mistakes and our dark periods it will make us stronger and better prepared for the future.

About using my photos

Feel free to share my images with friends as long as it is for non-commercial uses, but please let them know you got it at MyViewOfTheWorld.net .

Students who need a photo or two for a paper on American history feel free to use mine. Just leave my copyright info on the picture so I get a little credit. 

If you are planning to use a photo for commercial use please contact me at RJsCorner@live.com.

Feedback Welcomed.

If you like what you see here please let me know. I need to know that the work I put into “My View of the World” is appreciated. 🙂

Thanks for your support both here and at my daily blog at RJsCorner.