Writing Tools

I have finally found a tool that I believe does an outstanding job of graphically presenting what I want to show you. It presents the information so well that instead of re-hashing what you see with words, I am for the most part going to let the graphics stand by themselves and will just give you my insight and personal perspective into what you are seeing.

Enough of the setup work let’s get down to business.

Writing is, of course, one of the primary reasons that human beings have evolved way beyond the state of any other creature on this earth. The availability of information and wisdom was critical to our evolution. Writing tools were the means to do that. Four thousand years after Egyptian hieroglyphics the written word was still only available to a very small minority of the world’s citizens. It would take another 400 years (1040CE) before movable type was invented and that is when the availability of information began its first paradigm shift.

The second shift, which was the Gutenberg press, happened five times faster than the first. That invention would spur revolutions as information could then be quickly printed and made available to the masses. The U.S. would not have likely come into existence without the Gutenberg press.

Through 500 years of the 2nd paradigm shift various tools were invented much more quickly to make relaying information in print form easier and easier. The personal computer in 1984 would be the end of the second shift. The 3rd shift, which is still in process will likely culminate when everyone in the world can see the information almost as it is happening. Of course this shift is still in progress. While the Internet jump-started it, it won’t be complete until everyone has immediate access to broadband Internet wherever they are. I predict that will happen before the next decade or so.

Drawing this post to a close, the first paradigm shift to movable type took over 4,000 years. The second one took to the Gutenberg press about 500 years and even though the third shift has not completed we can be pretty sure it will happen in less than 30 years.

Let me finish up here with a synopsis in table form

PeriodBeginEndTriggering Event
Eqyptian Hieroglyphics3300BCE 1042Movable Print
1st Paradigm Shift10421450Gutenberg Press
2nd Paradigm Shift14502005Internet
3rd Paradigm Shift2005????

I don’t think anyone can predict what the 4th shift might encompass any more than they could have predicted the massive grown of the Internet 30 years ago. If I had to guess it might be something like a mind-to-print tool that will relieve us from all the typing and voice recognition happening now. It could be that the 4th shift will eliminate the need for printing as everything will then be digitally recorded.

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