Welcome to “My View Of The World”

“MyViewOfTheWorld” is a place to temporarily escape the noise of today’s world.

Do you feel like escaping this world sometimes, at least for a little while? If so, why not jump down the rabbit hole into MyViewOfTheWorld at RJsCorner. Its kinda like The Wizard of Oz Land in that beyond this one time, there will be no mention of pandemics, lockdowns, or incompetent leaders found here. All those thoughts should be left at the door before you enter.

This site is ALL about creativity in its many forms. If you just want a place where you can visit just to enjoy the view, then come back often to see what I have to offer. Maybe even follow this site via WordPress, Feedly, daily mail, or other links?

I have been working on this blog for a few months now to bring it on line today. I am excited how it has worked out and I thank WordPress for the very graphical and dynamic theme it uses. Here’s hoping that MyViewOfTheWorld will help us in “being alone together” for as long as required to put us back on an even keel again. If you want to participate via a guest author let me know ideas. There is always room for more creativity.

This site is very graphic in nature and meant to be clicked. Have fun and if you have any suggestions, let me know.

If you ever get lost on the site just click on the title header at the top of every screen and you will return to the “pickers home page”. Any suggestions for improvement, just leave a comment on any post or page or send me a message via the “Contact” page.

One comment

  1. As they sang in Camelot, welcome the lusty month of May with RJ’s new blog. This should be fun and we all need a break from the drumbeat of bad news.


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