Introducing “In Search Of America”

In Search Of America is where I post about my travels across this great country. I have visited all 50 States with my camera in hand and writing my “On-The-Road” daily journal entries, I like to call them short stories of my adventures. ISOA has been part of my blog life from the beginnings in 2008, and I think I have finally found the best home for these posts.

I couldn’t start here without telling you the basis for this journal adventure. When I was a young man I discovered John Steinbeck. The first book I read was Of Mice and Men. Within a year or so, I had devoured all 16 of his novels, including the one that affected me with the “travel” bug and that was Travels with Charley. It was about the stories he wrote on his journey across America in a custom-made RV on a truck chassis. That book opened up America for me. It showed me that I had to travel and discover America for myself. I have read the book at least a half dozen times since then. Little did I realize that someday I would make my own custom-built rig much the same as his.

I always keep history in mind during my travels so if you care to come aboard for my re-journey across America you will get my history lessons and many of my photos along the way.

Unless the Lord says otherwise, I am not done with these travels so along with my archive expect new travels In Search Of America.

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