And The Journey Begins…

2018-08-03_18-44-32Thanks for joining me in my journey across America. When I first read John Steinbeck’s novel entitled Travels with Charlie – In Search of America at the young age of fourteen, I was hooked on traveling America.  It would be several years before I could begin my own journey but it has now been going on for almost fifty years now.

As a young man, I was an avid reader of Steinbeck and have managed to capture a little bit of his writing style. Another writer that inspired me at an early age was Will Rogers. I often find a quote or two from these to men to help fill out my stories.

I have been to all fifty States with camera in hand and history in mind so I am bursting at the seams with things I want to share here.  Please come back often as this site is populated to see my latest entries.  I hope they at least give you a little smile and t a small reason to have hope in the future for our country.